Terms and Conditions

Rules And Conditions For Hiring Of The Building

a) The final decision for the acceptance of any and all bookings of the building will remain solely at the
discretion of the Trust.
b) The booking form must be clearly completed, signed and returned to the Building Manager at least 4
Weeks prior to the booking date. A damage deposit of £150 cash will be required at the time of booking,
along with a non-returnable £50 deposit, balance of hire charge to be paid no less than 7 days prior to the
booking date.
c) The Trust will not be held liable for any loss, how so ever incurred by the cancellation of any booking, for
whatever reason.
d) The Trust entertains a strict age policy regarding the hiring of the building.
1) Functions for under 21 year olds are not permitted.
2) Functions for 21st birthdays etc will require ‘2 Marshalls’ per 50 (or part of) guests.
These bookings will be entirely at the discretion of the Trust together with the bar Franchisee. Hiring for over
21 years will require the normal 1 Marshall per 50 guests, as per the booking form.
e) The hirer will be responsible for the organisation and appointment of the Marshalls as described on the hire
booking form.
f) The hirer will be financially responsible for any damage caused by guests during the hiring of the building,
if the value of damage exceeds £150, the balance of repair costs must be paid within 7 days of invoice.
g) The hirer will ensure that any entertainment is kept to such a volume that will not incur complaints from
our neighbours or breach any noise abatement laws. The hirer will also ensure that when guests exit the
building, respect is given to our neighbours, especially late at night.
h) All activity in the building whilst on hire will be in keeping with the Local Licensing authority regulations.
i) No gambling is permitted to take place on the premises.
j) No distasteful or pornographic entertainment will be permitted on the premises.
k) No alcohol other than that purchased from the in house bars is to be consumed on the premises.
l) A range of Hot or Cold food is available and the Building Manager will be pleased to provide menus
and prices. Use of the buildings catering facilities and equipment are strictly forbidden.
m) The hirer will be responsible for the tidying of the building and disposal of any debris, waste food and
rubbish, to meet a standard acceptable to the Building Manager or their representative. If deemed to be
unacceptable the Trust will arrange cleaning and any cost encountered for such cleaning will be chargeable to
the hirer. Black sacks will be provided if requested but must be removed from the premises by the hirer
(unless in house caterer is engaged, in which case they will be responsible for the disposal of your collected
food waste sacks).
n) The Trust will not be held responsible for any equipment used during the hiring. Any electrical equipment
used must be intrinsically safe and P.A.T. tested and comply with current regulations. It will be the hirer’s
responsibility to ensure that these regulations are complied with.
o) Children are to be strictly supervised at all times.
I have read, understand and agree to abide by these conditions for the hiring of the building and affix my
name below.
Signed ……………………………… (Hirer) Print Name ……………………….. Date..……….…
Witnessed ……………………….…. Print Name ……………………….. Date……………